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Club President

Bill Zheng 郑柏林
President 会长
Former Director and GM of Bank of China USA, London, Hong Kong and Shanghai

International Advisory Council

Mr. Jorge Quiroga
Former President of Bolivia
Mr. Martín Torrijos
Former President of Panama
George Α. Papandreou
Prime Minister of the Greece (October 2009 – November 2011)
President of the Socialist International (2006 – present)
Mr. Bertie Ahern
Former Prime Minister of Ireland
Dr. Han Seung-soo
Former Prime Minister
Republic of Korea
Madam Sujata Koirala
Former Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Foreign Affairs of Nepal
Mr. Derek R.B. Douglas
Vice President of The University of Chicago, Former Special Assistant to President Obama on urban affairs
Hon Maurice Strong
Former Deputy Secretary General to United Nations
Former Senior Advisor to Secretary General of United Nations and the President of World Bank
Mr. Zhou Dao Jiong
2nd Chairman of China Securities Regulatory Commission
Former President of China Construction Bank
Mr. Wang Mao Lin
Former Party Secretary of Hu Nan Province
Former Vice Party Secretary of Shan Xi Province
Hon. Richard N. Gardner
Professor of Law and International Organizations
Former US Ambassador to Italy and Spain
Former US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State
Shengman Zhang
Chairman, Asia Pacific
Citi Bank
Jan Carol Berris
Vice President
National Committee on United States-China Relations
Mr Frederick C. Dubee
Former Senior Advisor
Global Compact, United Nations


Eric Yuan
Secretary General
Graeme Jones
International Relations Manager
Christina Yan
Deputy Secretary General – Development
Ivan Zhao
Executive Director
Irina Gu
Public Relation Director
The International Economic Club of China membership is limited in number and chosen from among those persons, primarily in the senior business ranks, CEOs and top executives of national private, state and multinational corporations. Members have distinguished themselves in the financial or business community, as well as in law, government, academe, journalism, consulting, technology and research organizations, energy, healthcare, culture and education, and other businesses and professions.
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